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We’re Still Here!

Dan Atkins

Ok, so I must first apologise, it has been WAY too long since I last wrote something here! Blogging is one thing that doesn’t come naturally to me and with everything that has been happening at LTW recently, it’s fair to say that stopping to write a blog hasn’t been as high up the priority ladder as it maybe should have been!

With that in mind, let me fill you in with some of the exciting things we have been a part of recently that have been keeping us so busy! Because sometimes it’s good to just take a moment and step back to look at what you’ve achieved.

So here is a little snapshot of just some of the things that have happened this year!

This is just some of the things that have been happening recently, but honestly, some of our most exciting projects we have ever been a part of are happening RIGHT NOW! And unfortunately we can’t share this with you just yet, but we cannot wait to share the end results with you as soon as they have been released! So WATCH THIS SPACE! 

But here is a cheeky glimpse at who we’re currently working with and an idea of some of the projects that are/soon to be underway.

Some of you may also recall seeing that we were a finalist at this years ‘Western Gazette Business Awards’ for ‘Young Business of the Year’. This was a really proud moment for me, because not only were people recognising the hard work that has gone into LTW the last year and a half, but it also helps you realise how lucky you are to do what you love every single day!

It blows my mind sometimes to think how lucky I am to run this company. The people we meet, the places we get to see. So I just wanted to thank every one who has played even a small part on this exciting journey LTW has been on! Hopefully it won’t be so long until I write here next time…

Dan, LTW