FILM REVIEW: Deadpool – A Superhero Film?

Dan Atkins


Directed By: Tim Miller

Rating: 4/5

Now before I step foot into this review, I need to make a couple of confessions. First of all, I need to make it quite clear that I’m really not a fan of Superhero films, (with the exception to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, for various reasons I won’t get into now). I know right, a film maker who isn’t a nerd! Unheard of. But seriously, they really aren’t my cup of tea. For me they all seem to follow an all too familiar formula, which if your not already a fan of the Marvel/DC worlds, just gets a bit samey and boring, especially with the sheer amount that have come out of late. This then does also mean that I have no prior knowledge towards the Deadpool comics or any form of back story on the character, so you need to understand that I am looking at this film as a complete Marvel idiot. Right, now that’s sorted, that will hopefully prevent any angry comic book fans (and believe me I know a few!) from yelling things at me I don’t understand… So here is what I thought.

We start the film in the middle of a mission motivated by revenge, with our lead character Deadpool, also known by his real name ‘Wade Wilson’, (played by Ryan Reynolds), as he is hunting down his arch enemy ‘Ajax’ also lovingly known as ‘Francis’, his actual name, which Wade finds all too amusing. This film is the eighth installment of the X-Men series, but boy, immediately, this film already has a completely different feel to it. Before I knew it, Deadpool was constantly breaking the ‘fourth wall’ and communicating with us the viewer, a touch that I really enjoyed! He even makes a joke about it at one point by saying “fourth wall break, inside of a fourth wall break. That’s like… sixteen walls!”. Wade narrates this story for us as we go back and forth through time to understand what has led him to this point (very Tarantino like I felt), the edit of this film really impressed me. We learn that Francis is the reason why Wade is now Deadpool, a name that was chosen at a table with his friend ‘Weasel’ (played by T.J Miller), at their secret society’s safe house. Wade was chosen to be part of a group of secret experiments that promised to heal him of his then recently diagnosed terminal cancer. Not only did it cure him of his cancer, but also turned him into a mutant with super powers including the ability to heal from anything (even chopping his own hand off!), with the only downside that, in Weasels words, ‘You are haunting, you look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado..’ . He wasn’t too pretty. Meaning that he felt he could never go back to the love of his life and therefore had to track down Francis to correct his looks.

T.J Miller and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool
T.J Miller and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

I came into this film with absolutely zero expectations. Not because I thought it was going to be bad, but as I have already stated, simply because I knew nothing about it. I also took my wife with me, who didn’t seem particularly impressed that I’d dragged her out, when i was trying to describe to her what I thought it was we were sitting down to watch. But I’m happy to report, that I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies and laughed as much as I did… and I certainly don’t think there has ever been a time that both me and my wife have gone to see a film together and both laughed as much we did throughout this film. So let’s get this straight right off the bat, this film is hilarious! If you simply want to go and see a brilliant comedy, packed with one liners, go and watch Deadpool. Unfortunately, this statement does have to come with a disclaimer, and that is, if you are easily offended or your not a fan of a potty mouth, then this is DEFINITELY not the film for you! You have been warned. It is full of profanities and vulgar jokes, but I have to say, I personally found it so refreshing! Finally, a superhero movie to break the mould! It’s almost like Deadpool is looking at the Superhero franchise as a whole and is willing to poke fun at it. Something I’m all to happy to do!

Ryan Reynolds is brilliant and the perfect choice for this role, he has a wit and a charm in real life that really transpires over into this film. I guess if you were being picky, you could suggest that it did feel a bit over the top at times the way the studio were poking fun at themselves. Almost like they were saying ‘see look at us, we can be silly and make fun of ourselves, as long as nobody else is doing it…’. You can also tell that this film has a fraction of the budget of some of its predecessors, as the CGI and action sequences are on a much smaller scale, but this again has been covered well with it’s humour and clever editing.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It certainly isn’t going to be for everyone and I certainly can’t speak for the group of dedicated comic book lovers, but for general film lovers, I think most people with a broad sense of humour will really enjoy Deadpool. 4 out of 5 from LTW.