Innovative Content

The way we do business is changing. We can no longer expect our markets and audiences to consume our content in the same way they did 5 – 10 years ago. We live in a visual world, where consumers are influenced by visually engaging content more than anything else. We understand the value of video content and we want to share our skills to help your business thrive in this modern age. We have worked alongside some great companies, who through being open to new and creative ideas, have seen their company flourish and transformed through the power of film. Don’t settle for a conventional, unimaginative, predictable corporate video, let us help you tell your story the way you truly want it to be seen. Using some of the latest equipment in media technology, you can guarantee your video will stand the test of time. We will work closely alongside you, drawing out the best for your project. From the initial brief to the editing studio, we work with you to produce the absolute best, going above and beyond your expectations.

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Unlimited Possibilities

Are you not sure how to creatively tell your business story? Does the thought of being in front of a camera terrify you? Well motion graphics is a really useful tool that allows us to animate the information you have to offer your customers, without you ever having to step foot near a camera. We can storyboard your ideas together and digitally create your masterpiece all with the computer. Motion graphics uses digitally created icons and text and animates them together to create a story, often supported by a voiceover. If you think you or your business could benefit from a motion graphic video, get in touch and let’s chat!

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Creative Stories

We love film, it’s why we do what we do and it get’s us out of bed in the morning. Louder Than Words has been part of a number of creative, narrative films and we are always keen to exercise our creativity whenever possible. We are proud that we have had work played at film festivals such as the prestigious London Short Film Festival and we’re always open to discussing new project ideas and scripts. We have worked with some extremely talented directors and producers as well as taking on the mantel of control ourselves occasionally. Stay tuned, as we will continue to put out new narrative content, as we feel that we have stories that need to be shared!

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